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Ministry of Christian Renewal Highlights the Meaning of Water from Rock

The book of the Exodus is used as a reminder on the greatness of God. Moses was the leader of the Israelites and he is disturbed by the complaining of the Israelites and he seeks for solution. The rock that was struck has great revelations that are going to be discussed in the article below.

The Relevance of the water

The true nature of the Israelites is depicted in the book of Exodus 17: 1-4 when they could not hold their thirst anymore and complained to Moses. They were thirsty and the place had no source of water. The Bible uses the water to show how humans can struggle without it. The people believed that Moses could come up with a solution if he went to his God.

the water from the rock

Moses finds solace after he is advised by God to go with his elders at the Horeb and strike the water for the water to come out. The water from the rock is an extraordinary action that is affirmed by God. The water gushing out of the rock shows that God never changes and he knows what he does in our lives. Jesus Christs is called the Rock of Ages and it is the sesame Rock that the Israelites quenched their thirst.

The symbolic meaning of speaking to the Rock

Moses breaks the order in the book of Numbers 20: 7-13 when God orders him to just speak to the Rock in front of the gathering. Although the water comes out, Moses did not trust on the lord and that is why he strikes the rock with the stuff. That signifies that Jesus was only to be struck once. After his death he is to resurrect hence he becomes alive again. The resurrected Jesus is Alive and he listen to you when you just speak.

The Amalekites attack on Israelites after drinking the water

The Israelites faced a tough battle after drinking the water from the rock . The consumption of the water shows that the Israelites are now filled with another power to handle their different enemies. The Amalekites are the temptations of the flesh but the Israelites are able to overcome.

God reveals that he can renew the strength of his people by using the rock that is Jesus Christ. The rock is the source of the water and we need to trust on the Rock- Jesus Christ for you to live a fulfilling life. The sinners should know that Jesus was struck because of them and when they accept him, their thirsts will be quenched.

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