A Solution to the Common Business Communications Dilemmas

Communication is vital to businesses regardless of size or industry. With the development of mobile phones and the rise of the internet as well as other relevant advancements, the scope of business communication is broader than ever. At the same time, all the equipment needed to keep the lines open have been consolidated and compacted into only one or two small but essential elements.

The Problem with Modern Communication

Despite monumental growth in this field, traditional mobile networks come with their fair share of hassles. Exceeding set data limits in more affordable plans brings about hefty charges. Plans with no data limits tend to be equally pricey. In either situation, the need for multiple lines compounds the cost.

Being bound by contracts in those plans also poses issues. If a business is unhappy with the service being provided, it’s essentially stuck in the mud. In order to have up-and-running communications, a contract must be signed and its monthly bill paid whether service is satisfactory or not.

Getting out of the contract before its predetermined end leads to even more exorbitant charges. Add to that being limited to only a select few phones, and the headaches continue to grow.

Contract-free plans are available, but they often fail to live up to the needs of businesses. Though they offer a great deal more freedom of choice and lower prices, they sometimes come with limited options and restricted reach.

The Solution to Business Communications Needs

MVNOs, or mobile virtual network operators, have been developed to provide an alternative to the norm. MVNOs purchase sizable stretches of bandwidth from one of the few major carriers. Since they’re buying in bulk, they’re given special rates. Those reduced prices are passed along to businesses in need of communications services.

Coming from a major carrier means service spans the globe, eliminating the problem of limited reach. Plans are generally pay-as-you-go, so there’s no contract trap to fall into. Clients aren’t restricted to a specific line of phones, either.

With an OTT MVNO solution, businesses can enjoy the freedom of choice where both phone type and usage are concerned. Service is as good as the big-name providers because it comes from them, and all these benefits can be gained for about half the price of the more confining alternatives.